Land Registry Ireland


The Land Registry

The Land Registry maintain a fully computerised record of all registered digitised land parcels. The Register consists of textual and spatial information (folios and maps). The registered land in each county is divided into folios, one for each individual ownership or title. Each folio is numbered sequentially within the county division.

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The Register is conclusive evidence of title to property and any right, privilege, appurtenance or burden appearing thereon. The title shown on the folio is guaranteed by the State which is bound to indemnify any person who suffers loss through a mistake made by the Land Registry. Click to see a Sample Folio.

Maps (Title Plans)

The Land Registry operates a non-conclusive boundary system which means that the map does not indicate whether a boundary includes a hedge or wall or ditch etc. However, the physical features along which the boundaries run must be accurately identified.

The core business of the Land Registry involves examining applications for registration. We also supply evidence of title and a range of associated services. The fees for Land Registry services are set out in the “Land Registration (Fees) Order, 2012 (S.I. No. 380 of 2012)” Click to see a Sample Map.

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Access Land Registry Data and Folio Information find out information, such as:

  • Land Registry Folio (ownership, covenants)

  • Check the status of your own land,

  • View your newly digitised boundaries.

  • Check that your solicitor registered your land correctly.

  • Find out if your property is freehold or leasehold (subject to ground rent)

  • Find out the name and address of the owner of any property in Ireland.

For €28 get all available data (name address of owners, mortgage details, along with ID maps, outlining the landholding all delivered to your desktop/letterbox.

We provide official copies of Folios and Map, and many other documents for mapping and conveyancing purposes. We are an independent organisation and are not affiliated in any way with the PRAI. We have no role in processing applications, please visit Property Registration Authority of Ireland (