Property Portfolio

Property Portfolio Consolidator

Get a complete overview of all your registered property in Ireland to help you manage your stock. This service gives you everything you need to consolidate, strengthen and update the information you hold on your properties and identify vulnerable titles you can secure.

Used by

Solicitors, conveyancers, social landlords, local authorities, developers and auditors, forestry developers, farmers and other large land-holders. Group water schemes and wind farm developers can use the product to manage their wayleaves and rights of way and land holdings.

How it works

  • Contact us to get an upfront analysis of your portfolio and/or a quote for our full service. The upfront analysis tells you how many registered properties you own, how many are freehold or leasehold and how many charges you have in your favour.

  • full service gives you the title number, property address, date of registration, tenure, ownership information and charge information for all registered land and property held in your name or the name of your company.

  • If you purchase the full service, we conduct a comprehensive search of land registry database to compile your property information. The results will be compiled into a pdf report, private web page and GIS system (free to use), typically google earth or ArcGIS online.

  • There are a series of additional extras that are separately priced.


  • Be confident with your dependable inventory of registered stock from an impartial and trusted source.

  • Helps you make quick, efficient and informed land management decisions relating to property planning and ownership.

  • Reassures you that property is registered and therefore better protected against adverse possession.

  • Supports you in reducing the risk of fraud committed against your stock by highlighting vulnerable properties such as those that are unregistered or have been granted possessory title.

  • Helps when assessing your future funding potential.

  • Helps to increase the efficiency of your internal processing by presenting data in a way that is accessible and comprehensible.


  • Additional information can be provided in the spreadsheet on request such as:

    • lease details

    • price paid information – get price paid information for individual titles going as far back as 1995 where available.

  • Optional CD that contains registers and title plans for every registered property you own

  • Optional pictorial representation of your portfolio sent electronically or in paper format.

  • Keep your portfolio up to date with one of our Monitoring Services. We can send you quarterly reports on:

    • titles that have been added to your stock

    • titles that have been removed

    • titles where further activity has taken place of which you should be aware.

  • If you are only looking for property address information and have either recently carried out a search of the Index of Proprietors Names (IOPN) or have a list of title numbers in your portfolio there is an option to purchase ourProperty Address Confirmation service. Please contact us for more information. 


We charge £86 plus VAT for an upfront analysis. The price of the full service varies depending on how many properties you want to consolidate and how many optional extras you would like. To find out more about the service, call our Add Value Team free on 0800 678 1678 or email