Folio Only

Folio Only, Payment Page, €18
Payments are made using the secure Paypal website.
Information collected on this page related to the folio number only.
All your other information, name. address, email address and telephone number will be recorded with the paypal payment process.
If you do not know the folio number do not proceed with payment, please submit a  Contact Form or submit a Map Search
  • Detailed property information.
  • Ownership details( Names and Addresses), mortgages, wayleaves, rights of way, turf cutting rights. 
  • Delivery is by email in pdf format. 

If you don't know the folio number you can order using an Eircode, Ireland's new post code.
Simply include your name and the Eircode where it asks for the 'folio number and county' click 'Pay Now'
You can find your eircode or any eircode at the eircode website.